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Travel Health Clinic

Your pharmacist can help you choose travel essentials and provide advice on staying healthy on vacation

Life Changing Experience

Everyone wants their travel experience to be life-changing—in a good way. Before you leave on a trip, it’s important to plan ahead so that you can relax and enjoy yourself while away. Your Pharmasave pharmacist can provide advice about travel essentials to help you stay healthy and happy while away from home, including:

  • Vaccination and medication
    recommendations to prevent and treat
    travel-related illness
  • Providing personalized advice on how to
    travel with your medications and/or
    medical devices
  • Ensuring you have enough prescription
    medication in case of unexpected travel
  • Online access to prescription information
    with an eCare@Pharmasave account
  • Recommendations for specific health
    concerns while travelling such as
    pregnancy, diabetes and heart disease
  • Suggesting travel products and what to
    take in a first aid kit
  • Providing advice about compression
    stockings for travelling for long periods

Travel vaccines vary by destination and some must be given 4 to 6 weeks before travel to be effective. Plan ahead and speak with your Pharmasave pharmacist about your upcoming travel needs.

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